Practical Philosophy WA

Meditation and Freedom

Meditation and Freedom of Mind


Week 1

The cleansing effect of the Mantra. Review of last term. What is freedom? What does it mean to be an artiste? What factors cause the loss of freedom?

Week 2

Attending to the Mantra. Shakespeare and life’s drama. Obstacles to freedom.

Week 3

Attending to the Mantra. The four levels of speech.

Week 4

The proper pronunciation of the Mantra. The three forms of discussion. Dialogue and dialectic.

Week 5

The three types of work of the Mantra. What are myths? The Odyssey. The Lotus Eaters. The Cyclops. Aeolus the wind God. The Sirens.

Week 6

The three types of work of the Mantra. The Bhāvanā (Emotional energy). The Nine Bhāvanā.

Week 7

The Tradition making the Mantra more potent. Bhāvanā and unity. Bhāvanā and meditation.

Week 8

Stilling of the eyes, ears and body. Valuing freedom. Guides for living.

Week 9

The path to realisation. The tyranny of “I” and “Me”. Freedom from tyranny. The subtle realm of mind.

Week 10

The best way forward. The African concept of Ubuntu. Freedom and humanity. The principles of Sanatan Dharma.

Week 11

The best way forward. Being and becoming. Next term.


Students enrolling in this course will need have completed the Meditation Introduction, Meditation Wisdom and Happiness,  Meditation and Love