Practical Philosophy WA

Meditation and Presence

For those that have completed the first three meditation classes, this course further develops the meditation practice and examines the presence of mind


Week 1

Meditation; The effect of the mantra is a cleansing process. Philosophy; Introduction to the course subject, ‘presence of mind.’ What in truth is present and receiving knowledge? The need to avoid distraction of mind in discovering the truth.

Week 2

Meditation; Re-charging the subtle body to receive pure impressions, reasoning and happiness. Philosophy; The use of wisdom to extract nectar from poison. The ever-present unchanging true existence. Discrimination between the transient and eternal. Avoiding circling thought, dreams and procrastination.

Week 3

Meditation; One must not underestimate the vast importance of meditation. Philosophy; The Absolute which is infinite and liberating in nature. Positive and negative effects of thought.

Week 4

Meditation;. More on the importance of meditation;  Philosophy;  Plato’s allegory of the cave.

Week 5

Meditation; Meditation carries the consciousness available to us towards that pure consciousness of the Self. Philosophy; More on Plato’s allegory of the cave. Being in touch with the present and the natural rhythm of events.

Week 6

Meditation; Deeper appreciation of the consciousness available to us towards that pure consciousness of the Self. Philosophy; The power of thought influenced by the three energies. Importance of nourishing the mind.

Week 7

Meditation; The move from stillness to ever-greater stillness.Philosophy;  The power of decision. Some key questions that need to be addressed in life. The need for Second Line Work.

Week 8

Meditation; The master key to all measures. Philosophy; The power of love to transcend limits and overcome division. The five levels of love from individual to universal. The nature of criticism.

Week 9

Meditation; More on the master key to all measures.  Philosophy; The power of will or the power of ‘I’ associated with desire, thought or activity. The effect of the three energies on the power of will. A practical approach to action.

Week 10

Meditation; Establishing a direct connection. Philosophy; The universal powers of thought, decision, love and will. The power of attention.

Week 11

Meditation; Before meditating the ears must be still. Philosophy; Some practical approaches towards trusting the present moment. The principle of giving what you lack. Summary and general discussion on the terms work.


Students enrolling in this course will need have completed the Meditation Introduction and Meditation, Wisdom and Happiness