Practical Philosophy WA

Summer Lectures

Wednesday Jan 3 & Tuesday Jan 16 at the South Perth Library Function Centre, South Perth


Three lectures will be held in January at the South Perth Library Function Centre in South Perth as follows:

Wednesday January 3 - Philosophy & Food with Jason Hughston

Food is unarguably central to our well-being. Good, wholesome, nourishing food is essential to our health. Yet despite its abundance and there being so much nutritional information, why is it that there is so much ill health and confusion. What can being present, using reason, and ancient words of wisdom teach us about good nutrition? Come and explore! 


Tuesday January 16 - Creativity : Lighting the path to self awareness with Iris Whitelock


From time immemorial, humans have used creative expression through art to communicate our innermost desires and to express our yearning for the Divine. In a modern world where we rely on scientific process to analyse and explain the material dimension of life, it can be easy to disengage from what is known at a deep level: the inexplicable, the infinite and the eternal. We may have difficulty connecting with our spirituality; we may no longer hear the messages that are available to us through our material world, and which we access through our intuition. Transpersonal art therapy offers a creative pathway into the spiritual and intuitive aspects of being human.