Practical Philosophy WA

Summer Lectures

Wednesday Jan 2 & Wednesday Jan 16 at 13 Teague Street, Burswood


Two lectures will be held in January at 13 Teague Street, Burswood as follows:

Wednesday January 2Using Creativity to Connect with the Divine, Iris Whitelock

Using a combination of art therapy and mindfulness, Transpersonal Art Therapist Iris Whitelock will guide you in a creative exercise that privileges your unconscious, enabling you to focus your attention and connect with an aspect of your Divine expression.   No previous artistic ability is required – simply be prepared to “retire” your Inner Critic for the duration of the session – and allow your innate creativity to express itself.   This is an opportunity to listen to and hear your Wisdom.


Wednesday January 16Can one find spirituality in geology?, Carl Brauhart

Geology is the study of rocks, but also of deep time; expanses of time so vast that without the levers of mathematics, no appreciation of that immense timescale is possible. In this talk, you will help arrange a time chart that shows key moments in the history of planet Earth. Having created our chart we will then consider “What is your place in all of this?”. What were the odds that the history of planet Earth would lead to you?