Practical Philosophy WA

Meditation, Wisdom & Happiness

Continuing the establishment and practice of Mediation in life after initiation.
The course is designed to assist in refining the practice of meditation and to introduce two elements of philosophy; wisdom and happiness.


Week 1:

Meditation: Simplicity of the practice of meditation; questions and answers on the practice; dealing with difficulties. Philosophy: Why study philosophy?

Week 2:

Meditation: Preparing to meditate. Philosophy: Know thyself.

Week 3:

Meditation: Employing the mantra. Philosophy: Being awake; levels of awareness; the present moment.

Week 4:

Meditation: Deepening the study of meditation. Philosophy: The four states of attention.

Week 5:

Meditation: Listening to the sound of the mantra. Philosophy: The three-fold energies.

Week 6:

Meditation: Deepening the study of meditation. Philosophy: The use of reason.

Week 7:

Meditation: The way of escape from the agitated state of the universe. Philosophy: The power of beauty. Unity in diversity

Week 8:

Meditation: One needs discipline to acquire bliss. Philosophy: What is Happiness? Is it natural to a man or woman?

Week 9:

Meditation: Stillness itself, the real experience of meditation. Philosophy: The common mistake about Happiness. The Platonic virtues.

Week 10:

Meditation: Deepening the study of meditation. Philosophy: How wisdom enables one to live truly and happily.

Week 11:

Meditation: The path to realisation. Coming out of what we are not. Philosophy: Forgetting who we are. The present moment. Term Review.


This course is only open to those students who have completed course Meditation  - An introduction (MEDIT) or have been  initiated into mantra Meditation through other School of Philosophy courses